Our Best Extension Yet – The New Follow For Firefox

I got bit by a few bugs while making this video :)

Even if you’re a die hard Chrome, IE or Safari user, you’ll want to download and try our new extension for Firefox because it’s our best extension yet.  The new extension we built for Firefox provides a significantly better experience than all of our other browsers’ extensions.  This is because Firefox provides their developers with a real native sidebar, which we are now using.

This sidebar is superior to our old sidebar that relied on injecting HTML into the page to work.  First, our old sidebar had tons of problems loading because if the website you were viewing didn’t load, or had messed up HTML our sidebar would never open at all.  Second, it’s better because it can stay open all the time when you’re browsing different sites.  This makes it easier to do a lot of research with our extension.  You no longer have to constantly re-open Follow to pull up a website’s stats, it’ll just be there when you have our Firefox sidebar open.

Unfortunately if you use Chrome, IE or Safari it’s highly unlikely that we’ll make an extension that’s as good as our Firefox extension.  That’s because Chrome does not provide support for a native sidebar, we’re reliant on using their small pop-up window to display window.  For IE and Safari, we just don’t have enough users using those browsers to make it worthwhile.    Although we’ll still always have extensions for all the browsers, just know that if you want to do a lot of research, open up Firefox and you’ll be able to do it faster with Follow.  I personally use Chrome, I’ll use our Chrome extension a lot still, but when I want to do a lot of research fast I now switch to FireFox.



How To Install Our New Firefox Extension

If you’ve never downloaded our Firefox extension before, you can download it here.

If you’re a previous Firefox user who’s had our extension installed, you’ll actually have to uninstall our old version and install our new version.  Your old Follow extension for Firefox will not automatically update.    So, in order to get our new extension, you must download the new extension and uninstall our old one.  We will no longer be providing updates to our old Firefox extension.

Anytime you login with your old Firefox extension you’ll be prompted to download and install our new extension.

Try It Out Now

That’s it; download our new Firefox extension now!

  • I guess I’ll have to start using Firefox just for Follow.