Here’s everything you’ll need to know about Follow charging this week

We are about to start charging for Follow.  This email will describe what the difference between our new free and paid plans will be.   It also includes information about a special discount code we’ll be giving out to everyone shortly.

What’s the difference between our free and paid plans?

Those who choose not to pay will still have an amazing experience using Follow.  We want both our paid and free users to be able to use our software.   Free users will still have access to our dashboard and browser extensions.  The difference between our paid and free users will be; the amount of data they can see, the number of domains they can follow and the number of news feed stories they can read each month.

1 – Free users will have access to less data; paid will users have access to it all:

When a free user loads up a report on a site, they will only to be able to see up to 80% of the data.  A paid user will be able to see all of the data.  For example, if we’re able to show the top 10 keywords for a site, a free user will only be able to see up to 8 of them.  A paid user would be able to see all 10 of the keywords.

2- Paid users will be able to follow more domains:

Free users will only be able to follow up to 20 domains.  Paid users will be able to follow a lot more based on their plan.

3 – Paid users will be able to read more news feed stories:

Free users will only be able to read up to 950 news feed stories each month.  Paid users will be able to read a lot more based on their plan.

How much will our paid plans cost?

We love helping small & medium size businesses grow, so our price point reflects that.  Our paid plans will start at $50 a month and go upwards.   You’ll be able to choose from either a monthly or discounted yearly plan.   If you sign up for a year, you’ll receive 2 months for free

Do beta users receive a discount?

Yes.  We will be sending out a coupon code when we launch our paid plans.  You will be able to receive a 20% discount on any plan you purchase.  This coupon code will only be valid for 7 days after we announce our paid plans.  So if you want to the discount, you’ll need to sign up quickly.  After the 7 days, we won’t have any more discounted plans.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes.   All beta users, users who’ve signed before we start charging, will receive free upgrades.  These free upgrades will allow you to see more data, follow more domains and read more stories.   So it’s actually better if anyone you know signs up through your referral link now, as opposed to later.

Every time you refer a friend, both you and your friend will receive free upgrades.  If your friend upgrades to a paid account, we will also be giving you a 20% reoccurring commission on every sale.

What should I do now?

Start checking your email.  The next email you’ll receive from us will be about us charging.  We’ll be including the coupon code that’ll allow you to save 20% on any of our paid plans.  It’ll only be valid for the first 7 days.

Finally, if you know of any friends or co-workers that would benefit from Follow, please refer them.  Both you and they will receive benefits if they sign up through your referral link.

You can grab all of your referral information by going here: