We’re getting ready to charge

We’re getting ready to charge:

It’s been over a year since we started working on Follow. During this time we’ve offered it completely free to our users. All successful companies need revenue & capital to grow; Follow is no different. Next week we are going to start charging for some of our services. Don’t worry; if you are a startup without much cash, we’ll still always have a free service, too.

Next week, we will have more details about the exact paid plans. For now, I want to tell you about the benefits you’ll receive for all of the friends you’ve referred in the past, or might refer in the future.

Both you and the person you’ve referred will be able to:

  • See more data about any website
  • Follow more domains that interest you
  • Read more stories about the sites you’ve followed

Because both you and the person you refer get benefits, it’s better for your friend to sign up through your link than directly on our website.

If any of your referrals upgrade to a paid account:

  • You’ll receive a 20% reoccurring commission on every sale

Finally, all of beta testers (which includes you):

  • We’ll be giving you free upgrades just for being a part of Follow and making it what it is today. If any of your friends sign up now before we launch our paid plans, we’ll also give them these free benefits. This is just one of our many ways of saying thank you.

Please share Follow!

If you’ve received value from Follow, please share it with your friends and co-workers. We’re going to be giving both you and your friends free upgrades. If any of your friends sign up for a paid plan we’re going to pay you a life-time 20% referral commission on every sale!

You can grab all of your referral information by going here: https://app.follow.net/referral