Getting your team on Follow

Want to share Follow with your team?

Simply share one of your portfolios with them.   Anyone who joins your portfolio has access to the same information you do.  If you follow a new site, they’ll also follow it and vice-versa.   Every user in the portfolio will receive news feed notifications about the sites followed in it.  Best of all…

If you upgrade to Follow Pro, your team will share the paid benefits!

If you are a paying user, anyone who joins your portfolio will have access to the same paid benefits that you have.  This allows a company owner to pay for an account, start a portfolio and share it with the rest of the team.  Each individual employee does not have to separately purchase a Follow subscription.  As long as the portfolio account owner is a paid subscriber, everyone who joins that Portfolio will have the benefits.

How do you share a portfolio?


Simply click on the cog icon, located by your portfolio’s name.  A drop down menu will appear.  From this menu, click on the “Invite & Manage Users.”   You will now be able to type in the email addresses of anyone on your team.  Once you send the invitation, they’ll receive an email.  After they accept the invitation they’ll have access to your portfolio.

It’s that simple!

Want to share a portfolio now?  Simply login to follow now and follow the instructions above.

Still confused at how it works? 

Watch our video, “Getting your team on Follow.”  We’ll walk you through it.