Referral Program Updates – Commissions & Payments


Our affiliate program is now live. You can now earn money when any of your referrals upgrade to a paid follow account. Here’s what’s new:

1) Payout Increases

We’ve increased our referral commissions. Originally you were going to just be paid 20% of any sale. Now you’ll be paid $10.00 or 20% of the sale, whichever is greater. Receiving a ~$3.00 commission on our lowest price point of $19.00/month just isn’t that exciting. We understand completely. Now you’ll receive at least $10.00 from every sale.

2) Commission Reporting

If any of your referrals have upgraded to a paid account, you can now see every commission you’ve earned in our interface. Simply go to:

3) Notification Emails

Every time you receive a pending commission, you’ll receive an email notification about it. To change this notification setting please go here:

4) Receiving Payments

We will be sending out the first affiliate payments in early February, 2014. We’ll be reaching out to you when it’s time for you to enter all of your payment information.