Online Strategies to Acquire and Engage With More Customers

4 Strategies to Help You Acquire and Engage With More Customers Online

At Follow we are interested in one thing: Help companies acquire and engage with customers online. From time to time, we select great articles that we like sharing with Follow’s users. We’ve selected four interesting articles this week, all revolving around the subject. Let’s discover more details.

1) A New, Scalable, and Strategic Social Media Strategy

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The author of this article — online marketing strategist Tommy Walker — makes a compelling case revolving around a simple concept: Most social media marketing strategies today plainly suck.

The reason why you should take a look at this piece of content is the relatively simple strategy that Walker suggests at the bottom of the article. His approach may not be the most elegant of all, but it’s strategic, organized, scalable, and an effective solution for social media marketing.

2) Cornerstone Pages: Attract Links, Get Subscribers, and Increase Traffic

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Many people using Follow today are also bloggers. Blogging is a great strategy that surely can attract more customers. In the article indicated above, you’ll learn how to exploit old articles that you’ve posted in the past, and make them friendly to both people and search engines.

3) Automate Your Life and Have More Time to Get Customers

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If you want to acquire more customers online, you also need to have time to do that. Automating as many tasks as possible is paramount where running a business online. IFTTT (if this then that) is a free marketing tool that puts the internet to work for you. Click on the link above and discover several strategies to help you gather marketing intelligence and make strategic decisions for your brand.

4) 4 Effective Tactics to Boost B2B Lead Generation

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One of the biggest challenges in marketing today is acquiring B2B (Business to Business) leads. It’s a tough business, and not everyone is able to do it properly. Conversion consultant Jeremy Smith reveals a few strategies that can help you increase the number of B2B leads.

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