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How to Get 5,000 Signups Every Month and Other Actionable Strategies to Acquire More Customers

Here we are with another appointment with great articles about how to acquire and engage with customers online. Find below a series of actionable, effective strategies you can apply from right now.

Skyrocket Your Website Traffic With These 3 Strategies

Casey Armstrong knows a lot about marketing. He has helped startups drive traffic and help acquiring more customers online since a long time. In this special podcast presented below — from Nick O’Neill’s website — Armstrong shares three strategies he’s been applying since a while, one of which is still generating 5,000 signups per month.

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Learn 17 Strategies to Market Your Content

In the content creation ecosystem, it is not just enough to write amazing content, but it is also important to market that piece of content the proper way. Click below and discover 17 content promotion strategies that you can apply from right now. These very same advanced techniques are today exploited by some quite successful marketers.

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Mastering Native Advertising

Native advertising is not an area known by many. According to a survey about native ads conducted by Copyblogger:

  • 49 percent of respondents don’t know what native advertising is
  • 24 percent are hardly familiar with it
  • Another 24 percent are somewhat familiar
  • Only 3 percent are very knowledgeable

Find below 12 great examples of native ads, how they work, and which ones you can exploit.

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Discover the Criteria for Effective CTAs

One of the worst things that can happen to a website is getting a lot of traffic that doesn’t convert. Knowing how to invite people to take action is as important as having a good product. Find below 21 CTA (Call To Action) examples that can turn visitors into leads, and hopefully customers.

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