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Discover Product Hunt and 3 More Strategies to Acquire More Customers

You’ll discover today: 1) Product Hunt, a very open community of people that can help you promote your product for free, 2) the nine elements you should remove from your landing page to increase conversions, 3) some effective blogging strategies to see your traffic grow, and 4) a series of tests and processes to grow your company into an incredibly valuable business.

Product Hunt: Acquire More Customers With Your New Product

Carl Sednaoui is a bright guy from New York City, the U.S. The young entrepreneur launched a few months ago his latest product, called MailCharts. Of course, what he needed was customers, but also valuable feedback to see if MailCharts was indeed a good product or not. Well, he found both.

Carl submitted his product to Product Hunt, a quite simple, user-friendly website where community members post new products or services. As you’ll discover shortly, Carl not only received a ton of highly valuable feedback from the community, but also:

  • 1,712 website sessions and 1,385 new users
  • 387 unique page views on the signup page
  • 30+ new (paying) users in less than a week
  • 100+ new email subscribers

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Focusing on the Essential Almost Always Increase Conversion Rate

Neil Patel — co-founder of Crazy Egg and expert in the online marketing industry — shows you that in the context of conversion optimization is always good practice to add just a few things to a landing page.

In order to gain more conversions, you should minimize the elements on a page to the essential, so to focus the attention of the visitor on the action that you want that person to take. Do not allow your main goal to be swallowed by a bunch of useless stuff.

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Some Effective Strategies to Gain More Blog Readers and Clients

Content creation and blogging is not easy, and many writers eventually fail to monetize their website. It’s quite a challenge to gain more email subscribers, website visitors, and of course business leads. If you want to be more successful as a blogger, you need a develop a blog strategy.

The article below presents a series of actionable strategies you can implement from this very moment to seduce readers and win clients.

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How to Turn Website Visitors Into Subscribers and Then Customers

In this detailed post below, you’ll learn some specific tests and processes to grow your company into an incredibly valuable business. Every single section of the article below is packed with great actionable information. If you happen to be a business owner with a website, you better read, print out, learn, and apply the strategies outlined below.

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