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How to Collect 100K Emails in 1 Week: Template, Code, and More Available

Today’s series of articles include: 1) how men’s grooming brand Harry’s was able to collect 100,000 emails in one week (template, code, and more available to download), 2) an in-depth analysis of 20 landing pages by three experts, 3) some tips on how to redesign your website to maximize conversion rates, 4) a series of strategies for building an e-commerce website that does not drive online shoppers away.

How Men’s Brand Harry’s Gathered 100K Emails in 1 Week

The following story is about the extraordinary success of men’s grooming brand Harry’s. The company opened its online doors in March 2013. In the weeks leading up to the launch, the team was worried about one thing only: Was the brand going to be noticed online?

After a long time thinking about strategies to gain the attention of potential customers, Harry’s team came up with the following clever strategy deployed to raise brand awareness. The campaign was a real success, and the company was able to gather 100,000 emails in one week.

Click below and get: All the email templates, the open-source code, and a series of other tricks that you can use to replicate the success achieved by Harry’s.

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3 Experts Torn Apart 300 Landing Pages to Be Analyzed

Three renowned experts — Oli Gardner, Peep Laja, and Rand Fishkin — received a while ago 300 landing pages from various people and companies. Gardner, Laja, and Fishkin hand-picked 20 out of them, and analyzed them in details. Click below and explore this case study, so to avoid making common mistakes.

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A Series of Examples of How Website Redesign May Lift Conversions

Customers, particularly online customers, prefer simplicity over complexity. That may sound super obvious, but the fact some marketers continue to make the same mistakes when building websites, clearly suggests many are still far away from creating high-converting pages and websites.

In the post outlined below, you will find out how several websites improved their conversion rates by redesigning their pages.

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Strategies on How to Keep Customers on E-Commerce Sites

There are numerous factors that can keep or drive away online shoppers from your e-commerce site. These factors are website design, website speed, product reviews, check out process, and more.

Bottom line is: If your site is not optimized to deliver the best possible experience to the average online shopper, you will not get as many sales as you would expect. Find below a lot of useful information on the behaviors behind online shopper clicks.

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