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How Company Goes 0-100 Customers Without Spending 1 Cent in Marketing Money

Today we will discover together: 1) how Australian company Gleam went from 0 to 100 customers without spending marketing money at all, 2) a few strategies to apply retargeting to your business and win back lost customers, 3) a 30,000-word guide to understand consumer psychology, and 4) the building blocks that you need to understand to build a user acquisition growth engine for your business.

Going to 100 Paying Customers Without Spending Any Money

The link included below is the successful story of Gleam: A Melbourne-based firm focused on customer acquisition. A while back, the company achieved the milestone of reaching 100 paying customers. Although that may not sound a lot to you, Gleam actually achieved that goal without spending a single cent on paid marketing.

If you are in the position of building your own product (or company), and you’re not in possess of a big capital to put on the table for marketing, that is the story you want to read. The article is also filled with numerous actionable strategies.

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Clever Marketing Tips and Tricks to Get Back “Lost” Customers

Remarketing, also called retargeting, is a way for you to get your business back in front of your customers’ eyes after they left. As for all online marketing techniques, also this one is not easy to master.

Find below some options that leverage the concept or retargeting to acquire back those “gone” potential leads.

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Understanding Consumer Psychology Can Have a Big Impact on Sales

There are many factors influencing customers’ interaction with your brand or company. Consumer psychology is not the most popular topic online these days, but in reality, it can have a huge impact on your business on the long term.

Online marketing strategist Neil Patel has put together a 30,000-word guide to understand consumer psychology. Check that out by clicking below.

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Learn the Basics to Build a User Acquisition Growth Engine

Business growth, real growth, doesn’t happen overnight. However great your product may be, building a user acquisition growth engine doesn’t happen quickly. Nevertheless, if you build that engine in a proper way, when you win … you win for a long time.

Learn below a few steps that you can take now to build a company that lasts for a long time.

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