21 Growth Hacks That Will Turn Website Visitors Into Users

Find below a series of great articles about: 1) 21 very smart growth hacks that can help you turn passive website visitors into active ones, 2) a list of 47 of the most famous, and effective referral programs implemented by some important web businesses, 3) the most comprehensive conversion rate optimization guide for beginners, and 4) how some successful online-based companies turned their customers in an army of referral users.

Clever Hacks You Can Easily Implement for Business Growth

Attracting people to your website is crucial, but what it is perhaps more essential is to drive those visitors to become active users, which means getting those visitors to perform a certain action you want them to do; such as leaving their email addresses, buying, etc.

However, how do you make sure website visitors actually perform the actions you want? Find below 21 clever, actionable hacks that can help achieving that goal.


Popular and Effective Past Referral Programs by Big Brands

One of the best ways to grow a business online is through referral programs. Some of the biggest web companies have grown enormously in the last few years thanks to those programs. They have given away cash or free storage, and a few have even gifted referral users with premium accounts.

Find below a list of the most famous, and successful referral programs of the past few years.

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A CRO Guide for Beginners Written by CRO Experts

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) should be important for you if you care about getting more of the right kinds of customers, rather than attracting random website visitors.

The guide below is a great tutorial with basic concepts to help you understand how to convert passive website visitors into active users that can bring you engagement, and eventually more sales.

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How a Few Big Companies Leveraged Happy Customers for Growth

As mentioned earlier, one of the best methods to grow your online business is through referral programs. Of course, no referral program will ever work if you don’t have satisfied customers.

However, if those who use your product are happy enough, they may become your personal army for real, solid, and healthy growth. Click below and learn how a few great companies exploited referral programs to insanely grow.

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