11 Hot and Quite Original Lead Generation Strategies

Today we will take a look at some exciting topics about: 1) a series of original and actionable strategies to generate more leads from your website visitors, 2) some outstanding advice on entrepreneurship, life, and the world from one of the top under-40 (he is only 30) personalities on our planet today, 3) a thorough study on 20 startups’ homepages, and what they excel for in terms of design, and 4) a few great tips and tricks on conversion rate optimization by expert Oli Gardner.

Lead Generation Tactics You Haven’t Thought Of

Finding ways to gather the attention of potential new customers and leads should not be complicated. However, sometimes you need to be a little more open to new ideas. Being creative is the must when it comes down to attract the many eyes that browse the Web.

Find below a list of quite original, creative tactics that may help you consistently deliver great results in terms of lead generation.

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Golden Advice on Entrepreneurship, Life, and the World by Ryan Allis

“Lessons from My 20s” by Ryan Allis is one of those presentations that will probably resonate for a long time; most likely for several decades. Filled with excellent advice on all aspects of life, the document is an outstanding read for anyone willing to achieve anything in life that is rightly possible for a human being.

Allis is a natural leader, a person who, at only 16 years old, decided to become a millionaire. When he was 27, Allis became a multimillionaire by selling the very first company he founded.

However, as mentioned earlier, Allis does not talk about money alone in his “Lessons from My 20s,” but in regards to other aspects of life, too. The extraordinary leader, and entrepreneur, is now focusing on a different cause with his new projects: To educate and connect leaders focused on creating a better world.

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A Thorough Analysis of 20 Successful Startups’ Homepages

The homepage of your website is probably the most important page of all. From the homepage, website visitors will discover more about the specific product you are offering. However, how do you design a good homepage that invites people to browse more, and to come back later on?

Here below you will find out a thorough study of 20 top startups’ websites. They all have a few things in common that perhaps can give you some inspiration.

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LPs Lessons From the One Who Saw More LPs Than Anyone Else

Oli Gardner has seriously seen more landing pages than anyone else has on the planet. And of course, he also knows what he talks about when dealing with conversion rate optimization and design.

Click below and discover a few tips and tricks Gardner shares on the many aspects influencing converting LPs.

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