How to get 10,000 leads in 10 minutes

We will discover together today: 1) a quite clever technique that could bring you thousands of leads in just a few minutes of work, 2) and 3) a list of original email-marketing strategies that can help you make your email list way bigger, and 4) how Quora (massive question-and-answer website) has made the signup process of new users a super-easy experience.

An Absolutely Legitimate Strategy to Get Thousands of Leads

In general terms, a lead can be described as a person, or entity that is interested in purchasing the product or service you provide through your business. Naturally, leads come before sales; and if you find leads, you can then move to the sales stage as fast as possible.

The problem is: How do you find those leads? The strategy below outlines a very clever, a bit sneaky, but absolutely legitimate way to build a database with thousands of fresh leads.

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10 Email-Marketing Strategies Not Including Usual Approaches

Here is a list of 10 successful email-marketing techniques that do not use pop-ups, sidebar sign-up forms, or giveaways to gather email subscribers. You will discover instead a series of techniques that exploit Twitter Lead Generation Card, the author byline of your blog posts, and more.

Click below and find out more.

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An Awesome List of Actionable Tips to Increase Email Subscribers

The third article we add below here — always in regards to email marketing — is an utterly impressive strategy implemented by Buffer (social media management application) that allowed the company to double signups to its mailing list in 30 days.

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How Quora Makes Onboarding New Users a Super-Easy Experience

Huge question-and-answer website Quora has made extremely easy for new users to sign up. To be more precise, Quora onboarding funnel is one of the best optimized on the Web. This is so simply because the process is quick, effective, and fun.

If one of your main business goals is attracting new users to try your product (or app), you better read below, and see how to attract potential customers, or users.

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