100K Emails Gathered for Websites in 30 Days, Company Shares 7 Tips

Get ready to discover today: 1) seven key tips on email marketing by the company that helped businesses collect more than 100,000 emails in a 30-day period, 2) a case study on how to set up a landing page that converts at 21.7 percent, 3) what you need to develop to become a content hacker (a writer that is also a growth hacker), and 4) 27 top-notch strategies to implement a rock solid referral program to drive your product to explosive growth.

How to Optimize Your Email Strategy for Better, Higher Results

The team at SumoMe — including Noah Kagan, of whom we have spoken in the past already — spent roughly four years building tools to internally grow the company’s email list. These tools helped SumoMe gathering more than one million subscribers through the years.

The very same tools were then made available to anyone, free to use. SumoMe helped various websites collect 110,313 emails in May-June of this year, for a 30-day period. The team looked at the trends in the email-pop-up strategies used, and shared some exceptional tips to optimize your email-marketing growth and get solid results.

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A Step-by-Step Process to Create Highly Converting Squeeze Pages

For those not familiar with the term, a squeeze page is a landing page (LP) created to help you gather email addresses of potential subscribers. However, a LP must be properly optimized to turn cold traffic into email subscribers.

In the post below, you will find a very successful step-by-step process — implemented by Brian Dean at Backlinko — to help you create a squeeze page with all the necessary elements for achieving high conversion rates.

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Standing in the Middle of Growth Hacking and Content Creation

As you will be able to see in the blog post below, “Content hackers know how to get the maximum mileage out of their content.” In this very interesting article, you will learn almost all there is to know about how to become a content hacker, someone at the intersection of growth hacking and content creation.

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A Series of Tactics to Help Bolster Your Referral Program Strategy

The slideshow below, also including a brief video, contains some interesting strategies and tactics to help you manage, and leverage important elements like email referrals, link referrals, bonus structures, and more — all of which can contribute to boost your product’s referral program.

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