Strategy to increase blog conversion rate.

Get a 529% Increase in Blog’s Conversion With 45 Minutes of Work

In today’s featured post — the first one below — you will discover a quite clever technique for blog’s traffic conversion that was successfully implemented by a golf professional and an insurance agent. Both of them have a blog, and both significantly increased their website’s conversion.

Moreover, the three articles that follow the first at the top deal with: 1) a few unconventional ways with which you can expand the reach of your content, 2) the strategies that Facebook, Mint, and AppSumo exploited to collectively reach 1.5 billion users, and 3) how to generate engaged traffic to your online store with product reviews.

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A 45-Minute-Work Strategy to Boost Your Blog’s Conversion Rate

Brian Dean is an expert in the SEO industry, and always shares great advice, tips, and tricks on his website, Backlinko. The article below was written, in fact, by Dean himself. What we are talking about is a quite easy-to-implement strategy to increase your blog’s conversion rate by 529%.

The technique is called “The Content Upgrade,” and, as Dean explains in the article, was tested already, and delivered results. As a proof of that, you will also read how a golf professional, and an insurance agent were able to apply the strategy and see a significant surge in conversion rate on their blogs.

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Forget Social Media! Some Unconventional Ways to Promote Your Content

Although social media may be more alive than ever, unless you have a large follower base, it is quite difficult for your content to spread out, as you would like it to. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone, and think of how to repurpose and restructure your content in a way that perhaps may be more appealing.

Find below eight tactics — some of which you may not have heard of — that will help your content to be found by new people, prospects, and readers.

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How Facebook, Mint, and AppSumo Collectively Acquired 1.5B Users

How did Facebook, Mint, and AppSumo collectively gather 1.5 billion users over the past few years? Entrepreneur Noah Kagan, who worked at all three, explains how they did it. To be more precise, Kagan shares 10 lessons he learned while working on building those businesses.

Read the entire article from the link below, and prepare for an insightful post from which you can learn a lot.

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A Plug-and-Play Solution to Generate Engaged Traffic to Online Stores

Acquiring web traffic to your website is not the most difficult thing to do these days. However, does that traffic convert at a reasonable rate? If your answer is no for too many days in a row, you are definitely wasting your time, and money.

What you want is to attract real and engaged people. You want people that actively search your site, read reviews, investigate further, and that are interested. Where do you get people like that? Try Yotpo, a plug and play “social review” solution. Read below to find out more.

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