Zero to 147,973 Email Subscribers in 10 Months? All Explained Here…

What started as a small experiment at AppSumo — developer of products for online entrepreneurs — turned out to be a very effective, key tactic to collect email subscribers of potential new customers. Scroll down, and discover how AppSumo collected something close to 150,000 new email subscribers in just a few months of work.

Apart from the post about AppSumo’s email-marketing tactic, you will learn further down: 1) a very explosive list of quite clever, advanced strategies for content promotion, 2) some common, scalable customer acquisition strategies you can apply to your business, and 3) how building an online community platform to make sure you are providing a high-level experience for your customers and visitors.

How Company Collected 147,973 New Email Subscribers in 10 Months

AppSumo is a very successful company that develops products for geeky, busy online entrepreneurs. During the first 10 months of operation, AppSumo wanted to collect more email addresses of people to market its products to.

The company started a small experiment with giveaways for growing a small audience. However, as you will shortly be able to explore, the strategy turned out to be one of the key marketing activities that heavily helped grow AppSumo’s customer base.

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Some Clever Content Promotion Strategies to Generate More Traffic

Of course, quality content is the first thing you want to achieve when creating a blog post or article. Yet, even if your piece of content is excellent, that does not mean that it will promote itself. Creating quality content is only 50 percent (so they say) of the battle.

Fortunately for you, there are many others who are in the same boat. And some of these people have developed a few techniques to give online content a little more boost than normal. Below here, you will find 16 strategies to help your content get some more traffic.

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A Few Scalable Customer Acquisition Strategies For Your Business

It is only natural to focus on nonscalable growth strategies when you start a new business. You must focus only on a few customers, you need to make your product a better one, you must gather as much feedback as possible, etc.

Nonetheless, what when your product is a solid one, and you wish you had more customers? The blog post we included below is a very nice infographic about three strategies to spark scalable growth.

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Build Your Online Community and Make Your Business Better

When buying online, many, many people are influenced by product reviews, rating information, and social media messages. Look at eBay’s rating system for instance: Product reviews are a big part of the whole business — and the majority of people actually read them.

Providing an online community platform is one of the most clever moves you can make today (depending on your industry) to build a solid reputation for your brand. Find below a few software for building your own social network.

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