What content goes viral.

After 100M Articles Analyzed, Company Shares What Content Goes Viral

The team at BuzzSumo — a company specialized in content discovery — recently analyzed the social share counts of roughly 100 million articles during a period of eight months. By doing that, the team understood quite a lot of what does and doesn’t go viral. Find below an article with the complete case study.

Apart from the case study published by BuzzSumo, you’ll explore today: 1) a very simple, yet clever strategy to collect email addresses from Twitter using Follow, 2) how to start the sales cycle for your business on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and 3) a guide on data scraping, to help you with many different tasks in content marketing.

BuzzSumo Analyzed 100M Articles, and That Is What Goes Viral

In the case study we share below, you will get insightful details on how to build posts that:

  • Invoke the right emotions
  • Have the ideal length
  • Build trust in your brand
  • Attract influencers
  • And much more

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Easily (Almost) Collect Emails Exploiting Follow and Twitter

Our main concern here at Follow is to help you monitor everything revolving around your online competitors. We offer many statistics, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), demographics, etc.

However, Follow can do much more for you if you are able to think of strategies to exploit the data we provide. Click below and find a quite clever tactic for collecting email addresses from the Twitter ecosystem with the help of Follow.

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Social Media: Way More Useful Than Just to Publish Your Content

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. are all great networks, but one of the biggest mistakes that marketers do today is thinking that those channels are there only to push content.

The reality is another one though: Social media channels can be quite great when it comes down to start the sales cycle. The blog post included below will show you how to reach your market, nurturing relationships, and amplifying your brand.

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Learn How to Harness Data Scraping to Do a Zillion Things

Data scraping is a method through which a computer program extracts data from a website. Some entities, including Google, forbid such practice when it is about scraping content from their web properties.

Nevertheless, Data scraping is an incredibly useful technique to use when you would like to collect information from another website, and can be used for content campaigns, competitive intelligence, analyzing what content will get you results, and much more. Find below an insightful starter guide.

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Introductory image credit: Courtesy of Pixabay.