How to extract email addresses from Facebook.

How to Extract Email Addresses Straight From Facebook

OK, this is a bit devious, and sneaky, but as long as you do not exploit the strategy to spam people, the tactic is an extremely good one. In the first article we present below, Matthew Barby will explain a systematic process on how to exploit Facebook open graph to email your Facebook followers.

In addition to Matthew’s strategy revolving around Facebook, we are going to explore today: 1) how to understand if your landing page (LP) sucks, and avoid costly, easy-to-fix mistakes, 2) some internet lessons from Peep Laja, founder of one of the most successful marketing conversion blogs online, ConversionXL, and 3) the basics of marketing with four branding lessons from a local mechanic.

How to Email Your and Your Competitors’ Followers on Facebook

As indicated earlier, this tutorial will explain step by step how to email your own Facebook followers, but also the followers of your competitors. Does it sound good? Click below to know more:

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Does Your Landing Page Suck? Perhaps You Are Making These Mistakes!

There are a few mistakes marketers still do when building a LP:

  • Adding a distracting navigation menu
  • Having too many options
  • Not having goods’ previews
  • Not optimizing for search
  • Not adding a second CTA (Call To Action)
  • Not testing

Find more details in the following article.

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Lessons on How to Get More Traffic From an Expert

Peep Laja is a very successful internet marketer. In his many years of experience on the Web, he learned what does and doesn’t work when building and managing a blog. In the article further down, he shares some tips that will help you get more traffic.

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Learning Marketing Basics From a Local Mechanic

In this last article for today, we go back, with a case study, to the basics of marketing: How to convey trust, how to offer a better user experience, and how to move people to action. Needless to say, these principles are everlasting, and do apply even if your business is online.

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Introductory image credit: Courtesy of Pixabay.