Growth hack to double Twitter followers.

A 30-Minute, Automated Hack to Double Twitter Followers and Engagement

Find below the step-by-step, proven strategy to definitely increase your Twitter followers, engagement, and, of course, traffic to your website.

The sneaky Twitter growth hack outlined below will be followed by: 1) a series of 13 fundamental marketing tactics you should exploit if you have an e-commerce website, 2) a study on how to do market research on your competitors when in the stage of launching a new product online, and 3) a study on how to attract more customers for free by mastering Twitter cards: See how to get more Retweets, website traffic, shares, conversions, etc.

How to Increase Following, Engagement, and Website Traffic Via Twitter

What started only as a Twitter experiment for Matthew Woodward, transformed itself into an actionable, clever social media strategy. The blog post below shows the exact steps to increase the number of followers for your Twitter handle, but also how to automate the process, so you can just focus on something else.

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Strategies and Apps to Increase Sales For Your E-Commerce Site

Unless you own — and if you are reading this, you probably don’t — the strategies below will be much useful. You will learn the things you need to do on your e-commerce site to improve performance, but also the name of the applications that can help you do that.

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How to Do Market Research When Building a Product for the Web

Starting a new business online is easy, but leading it to success is a completely different story. Discover a blueprint on how to do your research before and during the launch of your product online.

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All You Need to Know About Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are a clever and effective way to allow your followers to sign up to your newsletter, directly download your new app, attach a photo and article summary, plus much more. Best of all, all that can be done for free. Find below a complete study on the subject.

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Introductory image credit: “Twitter Larry Bird,” by WyldCherry via devianART. Image used under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.