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Marketer Grows Email List by 3,418% (Nearly 200K) in 11 Days

Online marketer Josh Earl decided he wanted to try a relatively new tool to grow his email list. As it turned out, with one single campaign he was able to gather almost 200,000 new subscribers.

Apart from Josh’s quite successful email-marketing experiment, you will learn today: 1) 21 strategies to increase the retention of your active users, 2) a proven, effective process to promote your business via cold emails (not for spamming of course), and 3) how to use pop-ups in a nice way, without running the risk of insulting your website visitors.

An Email-Marketing Experiment Turns Out Huge Success

Online marketer Josh Earl received a while back an email in regards to a new, helpful (apparently) tool to collect email subscribers when running online contests. Josh gave it a try … and the rest is history, as they say. Click below to find out more details.

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A Few Strategies to Increase Retention for Your Active Users

OK, you do have users coming to your site and engaging, but what about those who use your product on a regular basis? If your users do not enjoy your product that often, you have a low retention rate. Perhaps it is time to explore these 21 tactics to increase retention.


A Proven, Effective Process to Promote Your Business Via Cold Emails

It is very, very difficult to do business via cold emails, but in the post we include below, you will learn an effective way to cold outreach to professionals who have never heard of you before. The article, by Alzay Calhoun, includes a step-by-step process, email templates to use, a video, and more.

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Finally! An Excellent Guide on Good Versus Horrifying Pop-ups

The majority of web browsers hates pop-ups; not all of them, but many do. Some pop-ups are not only intruding — for they interrupt you while reading — but some are even offensive, as shown in the article below. Chelsea Baldwin explains what to do and what to avoid when it comes down to pop-ups.

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Introductory image credit: “E-mail marketing puzzle” by Yoel Ben-Avraham via Flickr. Image used under CC BY-ND 2.0 license.