Clever Trick May Help Grow Your Blog 10 Times.

Clever Trick May Help Grow Your Blog 10 Times

Learn how to gather data from any site on the Web and understand when the best time to publish blog posts is, what headlines perform better, which social media channels work best, and much more.

Apart from the first article that will help you make your blog a better one, you will explore today: 1) the process of writing and designing great landing pages, 2) how the so-called bad linking methods — such as directories, article writing, guest posting, and forum commenting — are not that bad if you do them properly, and 3) seven tips to convert free-trial users to happy paying customers.

A Guide to Grow Your Blog (or Any Blog) 10X

In the guest blog post we include below — published on OkDork by Nate Desmond — you will learn how small changes to your blog can make a big difference. Applying the strategy may help you with increasing social shares, boost growth, and even monetize better.

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In this very, very long article, you will be taken through the process of writing and designing a good landing page. Moreover, the systematic method is backed by an actual example of creating a landing page for ConvertKit — an email-marketing provider.

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Bad Link-Building You Should Be Doing

Google heavily penalized — at some stage in the past — websites exploiting link-building strategies revolving around forum commenting, guest posting, article writing, and directories.

However, these methods were counted by Google in the first place, and if you do things the right way, there is no reason you should not exploit these methods. Dave Davies, SEO and internet marketing expert, explains how to do things properly.

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7 Email, SMS, and Push Message Hacks To Convert Trial Users Into Customers

There is no silver bullet for converting trial users to happy, paying, and long-lasting customers. Nevertheless, there is a way to make things better: Start to communicate early. The following article lists seven ways to engage users for conversion purposes using email, push notifications, and text messages.

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