Get more leads with this Twitter strategy.

Twitter Strategy Lets You Reach Hundreds of Influencers and Thousands of Prospects

Twitter Ads platform has recently opened to anyone the ability to target tailored audiences. You can now upload a list of @usernames or emails, build your advertisement, and Twitter will run that ad against the group of people you uploaded. Find below a strategy that will help you find the right audience for your marketing message.

Discover also: 1) what mistakes you should avoid when building a landing page, 2) what you can learn from Eat24’s (food delivery service) hilarious emails, and 3) a few tips to get in touch with customers who are not willing to talk to you.

How To Outreach Influencers Directly Using NEW Twitter Custom Audiences

This is a very clever strategy that involves using Twitter Ads in combination with SEO tool urlprofiler. Use urlprofiler to build a list of hundred of influencers, and thousands of prospects, and then exploit Twitter Ads to target those specific people on Twitter.

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7 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Stopping Your Prospects Dead in Their Tracks

Whether you are using a landing page now, or you are thinking to use one in the future, you will appreciate the information included in the post below. The article will guide you through some common mistakes you may want to avoid.

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Eat24′s Hilarious Must Open Emails. Also, #NOPANTS

Eat24 is a website and mobile app that allows lazy, couch-driven folks to order food delivery from their favorite local restaurants. Eat24 has made email marketing a powerful, hilarious weapon that reaches millions of people every week. We should all learn how to write emails like that. Click below and find out more.

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7 Tips for Gathering Quality Feedback From Your Customers

Did you know that only 4% of your customers would come and talk to you when they are not satisfied with the service you offer? The other 96% of unsatisfied clients will never bother talking to you or complain. That is a lot of wasted business. Click below to see how to make it easier for your customers to get in touch with you.

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