The ultimate email-marketing guide; Top user-interface tips; PayPal’s unknown growth story; Creative content-promotion tricks

We share today 1) an outstanding email-marketing best-practices guide written by Vero (email-marketing provider), 2) a second very well thought-out guide on how to rethink of UI (user interface) for your website, 3) the growth story of Internet giant PayPal, and 4) some clever content-promotion strategies you may want to exploit if you have a blog.

Business Quote of the Day (To Inspire You)

John Wechsler.

Take the initiative to ask your customers what they think than to wait for your competitors to do it.

Top Customer-Acquisition Articles From the Web

20 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails

One of the top email-marketing best-practices guide available today. You will definitely get a refresh on things you know, but also learn a lot of new concepts and strategies in regards to positioning, voice, value, and conversion optimization.

Beautiful, simple and powerful explanations on how to delight users

Designing a website that delights users and visitors is very, very difficult. The link included above, will direct you to This is a great list of simple but powerful principles for good UI (user interface), which gives a real demonstration why good principles make a difference.

The Original #GrowthHackers: How PayPal Achieved 7-10% Daily Growth In The Early 2000s

The Internet is filled with stories about growth revolving around companies like Facebook, Dropbox, etc. However, what about PayPal’s growth story? Only a handful of people know that, but simply because the Internet was not so big back then. Nevertheless, click above and learn how PayPal achieved 7 to 10% daily growth.

25 Creative Content Promotion Strategies

Content promotion is becoming more and more difficult every day. If you happen to manage a company or personal blog, you really must develop a strategic content promotion that brings results. The blog post we suggest will give you 25 reasons for inspiration.