Learn 12 Landing-Page Essentials; Measure Your Mobile SEO Performance; Grow on Social Media From 0; Laser Target People on Facebook

Learn today: 1) the essential elements you need to add to a landing page to make it a powerful converting weapon for your website, 2) an excellent case study on how to perform mobile SEO analysis (including tools to use), 3) an effective, applicable framework to grow on social media today, and 4) how to exploit Facebook purchase behavior, a tool to target specific audiences based on what they do offline.

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Top Customer-Acquisition Articles From the Web

12 Essentials of a High Converting Landing Page

A landing page (LP) is, undeniably, one of the best lead-generation tools you can use these days. However, if you don’t get all the pieces in the proper order, the whole work is just a waste of time. Neil Patel — an expert in the field — explains the 12 elements that you need to focus on to unleash a powerful LP.

How to Easily Analyze your (& your competitors) Mobile SEO Performance

In this outstanding case study, you will learn how to do mobile SEO analysis. You will discover: Which pages of your website are receiving more mobile search visibility, how mobile optimized these pages are, which keywords are providing visibility from the mobile search results, and more.

Growing a Social Following from Nothing: My Social Media Strategy

Matthew Barby shares his personal approach to social media. This guide focuses on the first 3-4 months of social media campaign, and showcases techniques that can be used by businesses and bloggers of all sizes. With 5 months of work, Barby achieved: 4.7K+ Facebook fans, 850 Twitter followers, 515 Pinterest followers, 550 email subscribers, for a total of 15K+ unique visitors from social media to his site.

How To Use Purchase Behavior Category To Target Facebook Users

Not many know about Facebook purchase behavior. This allows you to target users based upon the actions they take offline, when they are not on Facebook. Facebook lets you access “Behaviors” while creating your advertisements. Learn how to exploit this opportunity.

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