Do SEO Audit in Minutes; Why Customers Leave Shopping Carts; Accelerate Blog Growth; PPC Campaigns Best Practices

You will discover today: 1) how you can do SEO analysis of your WordPress site in a matter of minutes with a free-to-use software, 2) a series of tips and actionable information to launch a new blog and accelerate its growth in a relatively short time frame, 3) what you can do to keep customers on the checkout line and not leave your e-commerce site, 4) how to properly perform daily, weekly, and monthly PPC-campaign management.

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How to SEO Audit Your WordPress Website in Minutes

What’s your website’s current SEO status? If you are interested in knowing that, you can use Screaming Frog, one of the best SEO auditing tools available today (free and paid version available). The software is able to perform an exhaustive SEO audit over your site in a matter of minutes. Click above to read a case study on how to use the software.

My Recipe for Success: How to Launch a Successful Blog

If you’ve just started a blog, or you are about to launch one, the following tips and actionable information will be much useful. The author of this article has had a great success with his blog, and shares here (click above) the exact strategies that he has implemented, the tools that he has used, and all tricks for accelerating growth.

This Is What Your Customers are Thinking When They Don’t Complete Checkout

The harsh reality about online shoppers is this: 2 in 3 people abandon shopping carts right when they are at the checkout line. That sounds terrifying, and although you will never probably witness a 0% abandon rate, you can help yourself by exploring these 5 solutions to make things a little better.

PPC Campaign Management: Why the Process Is Just as Important as the Goal

When you deal with PPC campaigns, it really pays off to do daily, weekly, and monthly management. This kind of management can have a big impact on click through rate, performance, and of course conversion. The preparation process is as important as the end goal. Find here 7 tasks you can complete to make sure you are heading in the proper direction.