How to Manage 93 Social Profiles; Top Email List Building Guide; How to Reduce Site Visitor Confusion; PPC Campaign Tips for Small Budgets

The customer-acquisition articles we present today will teach you: 1) how internet marketer Tony Restell manages 93 social media profiles and generates a ton of traffic to his company blog, 2) a top-notch email list guide with insightful knowledge on how to help you being successful in email marketing, 3) some tips and tricks that can help you get results from low-budget PPC campaigns, and 4) six ways with which you can lower to a minimum website visitor confusion.

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Top Customer-Acquisition Articles From the Web

This Agency Manages 93 Social Media Profiles: Learn the 8 Essential Tools That Keep Them Going

Tony Restell, founder of, works with 93 social media profiles for his agency and his clients. His success has been enormous: He is able to draw 10,000 social media shares every month, which in turn generate more than 25,000 visitors to the blog he manages. Click above and learn more about his strategies, and the tools he uses on a daily basis.

The Definitive Guide to List Building

If you do business on the Web, working to enlarge your email list should be your #1 priority. With a fat, solid list you can keep visitors coming back to your site, you do more business, and increase revenue, too. The article we present here contains a ton of advice, and many actionable tips to help you be successful in email marketing.

9 Tips To Stretch a Small PPC Budget

Find here a few tweaks and ways to maximize paid search on a minimal budget. Even if you are in the $25-150 range for your campaigns, there are always smart ways to get good results.

Six Ways to Uncover What’s Confusing Your Website Visitors and Dragging Conversions Down

Increasing lead generation rate, conversion rate, and sales has a lot to do with removing website visitor confusion. Learn how to get rid of confusion with reviewing landing pages report, surveying exiting visitors, conduct user research, visitor segmentation, conduct a post-conversion survey, and review your funnel exit report.