Get More Leads With Content Marketing; Drive More Traffic With Facebook; 4 Lead-Generation Fundamentals; How to Boost Twitter Followers

Today’s series of customer-acquisition articles include: 1) what you need to do for optimizing your content marketing in order to get more leads, 2) how to properly use Facebook Ads to acquire a ton of website traffic, from the right audience, 3) 4 customer-acquisition basic concepts you should remind yourself if you want to build an outstanding business, and 4) 5 actionable techniques to grow your Twitter followers from a social media scientist.

Business Quote of the Day: To Inspire You!


Success cannot come from standstill men. Methods change and men must change with them.


Top Customer-Acquisition Articles From the Web

How to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy for More Leads

According to Elliot Shmukler (LinkedIn former product manager) optimization tactics generally focus on the will to increase exposure, reduce friction, and increase incentive. However, the theory can also be customized to fit content marketing goals and objectives, in order to generate more leads. Click above to learn more.

How to Drive More Website Traffic with Facebook Ads

A powerful guide on how to drive an enormous amount of traffic to your site via Facebook Ads. According to the author, Facebook still is the most powerful weapon for generating referral traffic. The article also teaches you how to exclude from your ads those who have already read the post (if you are promoting a blog post), so you don’t waste clicks and money.

4 customer acquisition fundamentals that every successful SME knows

The article we present here is a very good reminder of some of the fundamentals needed for building a long-lasting business. It is sometimes a good practice to go back to basics and see whether you are still moving in the right direction or not.

[Infographic] 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Followers

Dan Zarrella, social media scientist, has been attentively studying Twitter for the past few years, and he summarizes the 5 strategies to grow on Twitter with this great, pinky infographic.