How to Build Converting Ads; Growth Hacks for Small Businesses; 30-day Strategy to Increase Traffic; How to Gather Customer Insights

Today you will discover: 1) How to use Follow to build well-thought out, converting banner ads also by looking at your competition 2) a list of easy-to-pull growth hacks — and tools for implementing them — that will help you with increase your email list, improve conversions, and more, 3) a part-1 guide to help you develop a plan to boost website traffic and online visibility, and 4) an interesting series of techniques to use in order to gather customer insights.

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If everything you do works, then you’re not taking many risks and probably aren’t innovating either.


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We Analyzed 8 Banner Ads of 8 Great Brands Using Follow, That’s What We Learned

If you advertise online, the last thing you want is building a banner ad that does not convert. Follow not only can help you find your competitors’ online ads, but also understand what the best- and worst-performing ones are. Click above, and find out how you can build better ads.

9 Growth Hacks Any Small Business Can Implement

A list of easy-to-implement growth hacks — and tools to pull them — that can help you collect more emails, increase revenue, and improve conversions.

Increase Traffic to Your Website in Just 30 Days! – Part 1: Keyword Research, Editorial Calendar, Infographic

An in-depth guide (first article of three blog posts) explaining an interestingly crafted plan to boost traffic to your site, and acquire more long-lasting online visibility.

How to Gather Customer Insights to Increase Landing Page Conversions

One of the best ways to make your website and product better is talking to website visitors, prospects, and customers. If you do that, you can collect valuable insights and data that can help you creating something that people actually want. Find here a series of techniques that you can use to do that.