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PPC Tips to Boost ROI; 21 Content Strategies to Increase Traffic; How to Lower Shopping Cart Abandonment; Master Facebook Pages Timeline

Today we explore together: 1) 3 easy-to-implement strategies to drive a greater AdWords ROI (Return On Investment) from your PPC campaigns, 2) how to increase website traffic and ranking with content promotion, 3) a 5-step process to lower shopping-cart abandonment via Google Analytics, and 4) tips and tricks to build a Facebook page that will remain solid even when the social network changes its rules.

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How To Track Shopping Cart Abandonment in Google Analytics – If you have an e-commerce website, you should know that about 70% of your customers abandon the shopping cart without making a purchase. That means that every 10 people that reach the checkout page, only 3 finalize. This article, including a 5-step process to track your cart abandonment, will help you with start collecting data and make better decisions.

How To Master Facebook Timeline for Pages [Tips, Tricks, Sizes and Ideas] – With Facebook continually changing the rules on the social platform, you need to stay up to date if you want to adapt to the changes. The article we present here is all about how to make good decisions in regards to the page cover photo, profile picture, page settings, applications, etc.