Growth hacks, A/B tests, Twitter leads, find influencers.

15 Pre-Launch Growth Hacks; Proven A/B Tests to Boost Sales; Definite Twitter Lead-Generation Guide; 7 Not-Known Places to Find Influencers

Explore today: 1) a series of 15 successful pre-launch hacks pulled in the past by some great names in the web industry, 2) how to apply the famous six principles of persuasive selling by psychology and marketing expert Robert Cialdini, 3) a huge step-by-step guide on how to generate leads through Twitter, and 4) a list of seven almost-unknown places where to connect with influencers of all fields.

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Top Customer-Acquisition Articles From the Web

15 Pre-launch Growth Hacking Strategies For Startups – Are you in the stage of launching a new product? Would you like to take a look at some serious strategies to greatly boost your pre-launch? Here you go … click above and discover what a few companies have done to achieve viral growth in recent times.

How to Use Cialdini’s Principles and A/B Testing to Increase Sales and Conversions – An overview of the 6 principles of persuasive selling developed by Robert Cialdini (psychology and marketing expert) in his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” This interesting article not only will show you why to use the principles, but also how to do that with successful tests that some companies did in the past.

TWITTER LEAD GENERATION – THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE ON HOW TO GENERATE LEADS THROUGH TWITTER – A massive, well-crafted guide on how to generate leads through Twitter. The article includes real examples from big names — such as CNN — but also a few tools you may want to explore to become more efficient on the birdy social network.

7 Places to Connect With Influencers In Your Niche – Connecting with online influencers is getting more and more difficult, and if you just rely on the usual destination such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., the job is even more tedious. Find here 7 under-the-radar places to connect with those people who could be the biggest names and influencers in your field.