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What Running 4,500 Facebook Ads Teaches; Best Local SEO Audit Guide; How to Exploit Exit Overlays; One Tweak That May Lift Sales by 106.26%

We will discover today: 1) Some great tips for your Facebook ads from a team that ran roughly 4,500 different ads in the past 12 months, 2) the ultimate (really) local SEO audit guide to boost your local business to the next level, 3) why and how to use exit overlays pop-ups to catch leaving website visitors, and 4) how cleaning and redesigning the category page allowed company to increase sales by 106.26%.

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7 Lessons Learned from 567 Facebook Ad Campaigns in One Year – With 567 Facebook ad campaigns run in the past year — which equals to roughly 4,500 different Facebook ads — the team at Digital Marketer has come to know and understand quite a lot about Facebook ads. Click above and learn what works and what doesn’t in regards to ads copy, images, and more.

How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit – A thorough, extra-long guide on how to perform a local SEO audit. This is something you should seriously consider if you would like to stay ahead of your competition. Good news is: The majority of the strategies outlined can be implemented even for those who don’t know much of SEO.

How Exit Overlays Can Make Your Landing Page Offer More Persuasive – Although exit overlays (pop-ups that appear where you’re about to exit a website) are hated by many — including the author of this blog post — they are apparently effective. “An exit overlay gives you a second chance. Use it to amp up the urgency of your offer,” Unbounce indicates in this greatly crafted post.

Slimming Down Content on Category Page Increased Sales by 106.26% [Case Study]– In this case study you will learn how a manufacturer of cleaning products for bikes was able to increase the conversion rate (increase in product views and sales) of the category page on its online store by about 106.26%.