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Drive More Sales With ‘Product Splintering’ Technique; Lead-Generation Pinterest Guide; 6 LP Optimization Tips; What Makes Shoppers Buy

You will learn today: 1) An incredibly interesting article on the so-called Product Splintering technique — a method to drive sales in any industry or sector, 2) an absolutely comprehensive guide on how to master Pinterest to generate leads and traffic, 3) a series of useful tips to increase the conversion rate of your landing page, and 4) a powerful infographic with insights on what makes shoppers buy online.

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Product Splintering: How we Generated $188,674 from a Dead Email List and a Tired Offer – This very interesting article outlines the effectiveness of the so-called Product Splintering — a method that can be applied to any industry and sector. Click above, and discover if you can exploit this technique for your business.

PINTEREST: HOW TO GENERATE LEADS – FROM COMPANIES DRIVING TENS OF THOUSANDS OF VIEWS A MONTH – A very, very comprehensive guide on how to use Pinterest for: Increase following, generate consistent traffic, generate leads, boost engagement, and much more.

6 Things I Do to My Landing Pages When My Conversion Rates Suck – Is your landing page (LP) converting as you’d like it to? If not, click above, and find out a simple, yet effective six-question framework to get your LPs right.

[Infographic] VWO eCommerce Survey 2014: What Makes Shoppers Buy – The team at Visual Website Optimizer asked online shoppers what makes them purchase online, what makes them come back to a website to purchase more, how social media influence their decision, and more. Explore what they found out in this powerful infographic.