Engineering-as-Marketing Examples.

11 Great Engineering-as-Marketing Examples; 3 Ways to Make Better FB Ads; Mobile Growth Strategies; How to Influence Purchasing Decisions

You will learn today: 1) Some powerful examples of engineering-as-marketing cases (growth hacks) from the past, 2) some tips on how to make your Facebook Ads better, and stop wasting your money, 3) a series of mobile growth strategies that you should not ignore, and 4) a very well-done infographic on what people do online and how you can take advantage of the situation.

Business Quote of the Day: To Inspire You!

Oprah Winfrey.

My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.


Top Customer-Acquisition Articles From the Web

Examples Of Engineering As Marketing – Explore some engineering-as-marketing techniques pulled by companies like HubSpot, Twitter, Moz, DropBox, plus more. Check them out, analyze what those companies did, and see if you can replicate some of these growth hacks.

3 Ways to Optimize Facebook Ads for Better Results – If you are running some Facebook Ads now, you sure don’t want to waste your money. Find here some interesting tips to help you with: 1) Reach the right audience, 2) compare duplicate ad performance, and 3) include interesting images.

Mobile Growth: Best Strategies, Tools and Tactics – “Mobile is eating the world,” Ben Evans said once. If you work on mobile, this presentation will offer you plenty of strategies, tools, tactics, and case studies for growing your users.

How to Influence Purchasing Decisions – Although the headline may sound pretty sneaky, this is a great infographic showing you what young people do online, how brands are working online, and tips for you in order to leverage upon the situation.