Steal competitors backlinks, traffic, ranking.

Stealing Your Competitors’ Backlinks, Traffic, and Ranking (Plus 3 More)

You will learn today: 1) A series of tools and techniques to steal your competitors’ backlinks, traffic, and ranking, 2) the 5 A/B tests you should be running on your landing pages to increase performance, 3) how to use the so-called content distribution matrix to develop a better content marketing plan, and 4) how to use traffic-shaping techniques, to help your website convert more.

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How to steal your competitor’s backlinks, rankings & traffic – Yes, the above is possible. Robbie Richards explains how you can use competitive analysis and backlink checkers to steal your competitors’ backlinks and their ranking.

5 A/B Tests You Should Be Running on Your Landing Page Opt-In Forms – Are you running any tests to improve your landing pages? This great guide will give you the proper inspiration to start doing something to improve LPs’ performance.

The Content Distribution Matrix [#infographic] – This interesting piece of content includes the so-called Content Distribution Matrix, to help you understand which channels — such as PR, social media, AdWords, etc. — are worth spending your time on for content marketing.

TRAFFIC-SHAPING: THE OPTIMIZATION GROWTH HACK NO ONE’S TALKING ABOUT – Find out the 4 reasons (and 4 steps) why you should start considering traffic-shaping techniques. These techniques are able to help you achieve and convert more from your website.