Explore 7 Plugins to Boost Email Signups on Your Site.

Explore 7 Plugins to Boost Email Signups on Your Site (Plus 3 More)

You will gather today: 1) A list of seven plugins you should start using now to increase the number of email signups, 2) a series of 39 strategies and best practices to help you increase email open rates, 3) a thorough research on the mobile phone industry, with sector marketing trends, and 4) some tips on how to use Pinterest, and how some big brands are cashing in on the social network.

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7 WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Email Subscribers – If you publish great content on your website, people will come (hopefully). However, to get people to come back again, you need to get them on your email list. These seven plugins will help you do that.

39 WAYS TO INCREASE OPEN RATES – This blog post will take a couple of days to read, but it’s worth the time. Self-declared marketing nerd Mitro Patrikainen collected a lot of tips on how to increase email-list open rates.

2015 Mobile Marketing – 19 Research Charts – Mobile devices has definitely changed our lives. We all need to be planning according to marketing trends in the mobile sector. Heidi Cohen shares a great study on the topic.

10 Pinterest Tips for Smart Brands – According to this post: “Pinterest content has a much longer lifespan (1 week as compared to Twitter’s 5-25 minutes and Facebook’s 80 minutes), users are more prone to buy, and referral traffic is reliably high across all brand categories.” See how big brands are successfully cashing in on this social platform.