Landing page examples.

15 Great Landing-Page Examples From Rising Companies (And 3 More)

What we will explore today: 1) Several examples of great landing pages used by some rising and successful companies, 2) a series of tactics to make your Facebook Ads more effective, 3) a clear, simple infographic on content creation, and 4) an article explaining how to use AdWords Similar Audience to generate qualified leads.

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Top Customer-Acquisition Articles From the Web

15 Landing Page Trends from Rising Companies, Designers, and Our 25,000+ Users – This article presents several examples of great, converting landing pages from successful companies. The post shows what’s working right now with landing page design, so you can do the same on your pages as well.

8 Ways To Improve CTA For Facebook Ads – The budget spent by marketers on Facebook Ads every day is enormous. However, how many ads do actually convert? Discover here a few ways to make Facebook Ads more effective.

No Hype Guide to Content Creation – A very simple and clear infographic on how to create and curate good content, in nine easy steps.

Get Qualified Traffic with AdWords Similar Audiences – In this post you will learn how to use AdWords Similar Audience to generate qualified leads. The Similar Audience feature in AdWords allows you to target people that are very similar to your audience.