SEO strategies 2015.

SEO Strategies to Love Vs. Abandon in 2015 (And 3 More)

Let’s explore today: a) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics that will work in 2015, b) how big brands are using social network Snapchat to reach a younger audience, c) 15 email-marketing myths, and d) how to optimize your e-commerce checkout funnel, to reduce cart abandonment rate and increase conversions.

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Top Customer-Acquisition Articles From the Web

SEO Tactics to Love vs. Leave – The SEO world has changed a lot through the years. Are you ready to adapt your tactics? SEO expert Rand Fishkin suggests in this slideshare the tactics you should still pursue versus those you should definitely abandon in 2015.

How Brands Use Snapchat for Marketing – Snapchat — social media platform that allows to send messages with a lifespan of 1-10 seconds — is one of the top destinations for marketers to attract young people and potential customers. Discover how some brands are exploiting the social network.

The Top 15 Email Marketing Myths You Need to Know – In this interesting infographic, you’ll learn about some of the most prominent email-marketing myths. Explore a different perspective on concepts revolving around subject lines, images vs. text, email frequency, and more.

8 Ways To Optimize Your Checkout Process For Conversions [Slides] – Are you taking care of your checkout funnel, so to reduce cart abandonment, increase conversions and sales? According to this article, the average value of goods in abandoned carts can even reach $109. See what you can do to decrease the number of people leaving your e-commerce site without buying.