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6 LinkedIn Lead-Generation Tactics (And 3 More)

You will learn today: 1) 6 ways to get more leads and prospects from LinkedIn, 2) some SEO and marketing predictions from a top leader in the SEO industry, 3) tactics to build mobile landing pages that convert, and 4) a few pricing strategies to apply on your e-commerce store.

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6 Ways to Attract More LinkedIn Leads – Many people treat LinkedIn just as a résumé or cover letter, but the massive social network is way more than that. LinkedIn can be a real lead-generation tool. Read above six steps you can take now to improve the chances to attract leads and prospects. Learn how to improve your presence, how to target prospects, build a community around your name, and more.

10 Predictions for the Marketing World in 2015 – Although these marketing, and SEO trend predictions may or may not be correct, it is interesting to see what one of the most respected and knowledgeable people in the SEO industry has to say about what we will see in 2015. Click above and discover what Rand Fishkin has to predict for this year.

8 Mobile Landing Pages Get Spanked for Conversion’s Sake – A lot of users these days browse the Web through mobile devices. If you neglect this when building your landing pages, you are basically driving away potential customers, and hurting conversions. Click above and explore eight brutally honest mobile landing page critiques.

6 Practical Pricing Strategies to Unlock eCommerce Business Growth – Pricing your online product is not an easy task at all. If you price too low, you may miss out on opportunities. If you price too high, people won’t come. As for almost anything else online, you need to test and see what fits best. Find here a few strategies you may exploit to make better decisions.