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How Company Generated $200K in 4 Months (And 3 More)

We explore today: 1) a blog post including keyword and on-page optimization strategies that allowed a company to significantly increase its revenue stream in a matter of months, 2) how a well-executed marketing plan can pay off and increase sales and revenue, 3) an interesting post about Content Selling, and how companies worldwide sell today to customers, 4) how to improve the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your pages by using title tags properly.

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Top Customer-Acquisition Articles From the Web

How we Generated $200k in Leads in Four Months – This blog post is for the intermediate-to-advanced online marketer who understands enough of keyword research and on-page optimization. The same strategy outlined here can also be used in other areas of your website, such as blogging, landing page optimization, and more.

How we Increased Organic Revenue to $100K in Less Than 6 Months – In this case study you will learn how a well-executed marketing plan can pay off in the short and long term. In August 2014, this car rental company decided to increase its online marketing budget by about 800 percent. The firm was witnessing very good results from basic optimization, and wanted to give its website a further boost in terms of marketing effort. End of story: The company almost doubled results as opposed to 2013.

Content Selling: The Next Evolution of Content Marketing [Infographic] – Content marketing has deeply changed how companies worldwide sell to consumers and other businesses. This interesting infographic will help you understand how content can be used to sell. At HubSpot, this practice is called Content Selling.

HOW TO IMPROVE TITLE TAG CTR BY 20%+ – Using proper title tag practices can lead to a 20 percent increment in CTR (Click Through Rate). This article will show you how to create relevant tests for tags, how to generate improvements in CTR, and examples of company websites appearing in search results.