SEO site audit checklist 2015.

SEO 2015 Site Audit Checklist to Help You With Organic Results (And 3 More)

Today we learn about: 1) how to do a technical site audit for 2015 with a checklist shared by those nice folks at MOZ, 2) a 4-step process that was able to generate 140,000 leads from YouTube, 3) six errors you want to avoid when dealing with Facebook Ads, and 4) a series of content marketing strategies to build an audience online.

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Technical Site Audit Checklist: 2015 Edition – This checklist should help you put together a strategy to allow your website perform better in organic search. The best way to use this checklist is to write what exactly needs to be done, and the actions that need to be taken for your site.

The 4-Step Slam Dunk Process That Generated 140,000 FREE Leads From YouTube – YouTube is, for some niches, still an untapped social media platform. In this case study relating to the basketball industry, you will discover how a marketer was able to acquire hundreds of thousands of emails. Although that may not be the industry you work in, you will sure benefit from the strategies outlined here.

Facebook Ads Suicide: 6 Deadly Errors to Avoid – After losing more than $250K on Facebook advertising, Massimo Chieruzzi from AdEspresso learned a thing or two. In this interesting post, Massimo goes through six errors he committed while experimenting with Facebook Ads.

10 Content Strategies to Rapidly Build a Larger Audience – Content marketing has evolved during the years, and you need to be competitive to succeed online. Click above, and discover how five of the best online marketing blogs (Buffer, Groove, Vero, Intercom, and Crew) are winning today.