Boost websites sales.

Boost Your Website Sales With This Powerful Checklist (And 3 More)

Learn today: 1) the improvements you need to make to your site to see results and more sales, 2) the proper way to use email list segmentation, 3) how search engine queries and intent can help your website convert more, and 4) a few examples of display ads by renowned companies.

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How to Boost Website Sales – The Complete Checklist – Would you like to lift website sales? Of course you do … In this greatly crafted post by internet entrepreneur Peep Laja, you will explore a checklist of actions and things to do to make improvements on your website and see results. This method promises to work in all industries.

8 Ways to Segment Your Email List to Maximize ROI – It’s relatively easy to get people to sign up to your email list today, but it’s equally easy to see them unsubscribe. One of the many solutions to achieve a lower unsubscribe rate is using segmentation. Click above, and discover what email list segmentation can do for your business.

How To Dissect Your Organic Traffic By Intent & Funnel It Into Sales – In the SEO, behind almost every search query there is intent. If you want to be a smart marketer, you need to keep this in mind to effectively drive conversions. Learn here how you can understand the intent behind organic traffic, and what kind of actions you can take to help your website convert more.

[Case Study] B2B SaaS Paid Advertising Strategies – Display advertising for B2B (Business to Business) is a very challenging field. This post will guide you through five different B2B SaaS companies’ display ads, and how they have found a way to make display advertising work for them.