7 Landing Page Examples That Work Well With Paid Advertising (And 3 More)

Today we see a series of articles on: 1) 7 landing page examples that work well with paid advertising, 2) how SEO has changed through the years, and what you need to focus on today, 3) 5 very fast ways to create great content for your blog, and 4) six indicators to monitor to see if your e-commerce site is growing or not.

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Top Customer-Acquisition Articles From the Web

7 Landing Page Styles That Work With Paid Advertising – Building a good, high-converting advertising banner is important, but what happens after the click is even more crucial. Discover a few landing page examples that work well when combined with paid advertising.

THE SEO “FOOD” PYRAMID – An exceptional piece of content filled with all there is to know about modern SEO. The article also includes links to more in-depth resources.

5 Lightning Fast Ways To Create Stellar Blog Content (Even if you hate to write) – This is a bit sneaky, but doable. Those clever folks at Digital Marketer put together a list of five tactics that can help you put together a lot of content pretty quickly, even if you are not the most amazing content crafter.

The Six Indicators of Breakout Ecommerce Growth – The e-commerce market is growing at an astonishing rate. E-commerce retailers are averaging something like US$1 million in monthly revenue by the end of year three. Find here the key indicators you should monitor and work on to see your e-store grow.