Web push email marketing alternative.

Email Will Probably Die One Day, and This Is One Solution (And 3 More)

Learn today: 1) Why you should have a look at Web Push, an alternative to email marketing, 2) a series of link building tactics for those who have a small budget, 3) 17 lifecycle emails example you can get inspiration from, and 4) 7 free Facebook tools for marketers.

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Why You Should Use Web Push To Reach Your Email Marketing Haters – How many hours are you putting into email marketing now? What if email was on the road to inevitable death? What if there was something coming that makes it obsolete? You may want to take a look at Web Push if you’d like to be ahead of your competition.

11 Link Building Strategies for Smaller Businesses – Link building is getting more and more difficult, especially for smaller brands that don’t have a real budget and knowledge to compete with bigger companies in the industry. Discover in this post 11 link building strategies that can size up your links regardless of the size of your business and competition level.

The 17 emails we send to engage customers, reduce churn & increase revenue – Email is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers, make sure they are happy, and reduce the chance to see them go to the competition. Writing emails that keep users with you is far from easy though. Click above, and learn how to write welcome emails, notification emails, failed charges emails, and more.

7 Free Facebook Tools Marketers Should Consider – Do you want to enhance your Facebook marketing, so to capture more leads and customers? Explore in this article a few free-to-use Facebook tools to help you do that.