Spy competitors google sheet hack.

10-Mins Google Sheet Hack (Free) to Analyze Your Competitors’ Content (And 4 More)

Today you will discover: 1) A little Google Spreadsheet hack that monitors and analyzes what type of content your competitors are publishing, 2) Three basic, but often forgotten, ways to optimize for conversions, 3) How small changes can make a big difference in conversion rate optimization, 4) An analysis on how to get more clients with the product splinter methodology, and 5) How to use processes to build a growth machine.

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How to Analyze your Competitors Content With This Simple Google Sheets Hack – Content marketing is a major part of any digital marketing strategy. It isn’t just about content creation, it’s also about staying on top of trends, analyzing what works and what doesn’t and watching your competition closely. This blog post shows a nice little workflow in a Google Spreadsheet that monitors and analyzes what type of content your competitors are putting out there.

3 Ways to Get More Value From the Same Traffic – Driving traffic is hard. But ever if you do get traffic, that is only half of the equation. The thing you need is conversions. Learn here three basic, but often forgotten, ways to optimize for conversions.

How Vocabla Improved Conversions 218% with an Underused CRO Method – In conversion rate optimization even small changes can make a big difference. Visitor Recording is one of the many solutions available: You don’t get to ask questions, but you do get to see the most common obstacles that visitors face while watching them navigate your site.

What is a Product Splinter? (HINT: It’s an Easy Way For You to Acquire New Clients) – The product splinter is a low-risk way for businesses to acquire new customers. It’s low-risk because the price of the offer is significantly lower in comparison to your core offer, though the value delivered is less too. Explore more details in this blog post.

How to Build a Growth Machine – “Growth has nothing to do with tactics; it has everything to do with process.” You hear all the time about how this one fantastic tactic worked for this one particular company. You go apply it in your business and don’t get nearly the same results. Your audience, product, business model, customer journey, and business are different. You need a process to find the unique combination of things that will work for you. Click above and discover more.