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8 Free Types of Marketing Strategies [Plus Slideshare] (And 3 More)

You will see today: 1) A series of 8 cost-free marketing strategies for your business, 2) A visual checklist of things you should be doing to get prepared for this month’s Google’s mobile algorithm update, 3) A list of quick email-marketing hacks that should take less than an hour each, 4) A report on eCommerce holiday trends.

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8 Free Types of Marketing Strategies – It’s really hard to find effective, cost-free marketing strategies for your business. It turns out that you can dramatically increase your audience of subscribers, leads, customers and fans by adding a few simple (and free) strategies to your marketing mix. In this article, you are going to explore what those free marketing strategies are … and a step-by-step guide on how you can use them for your business.

Tips to Get Prepared for This Month’s Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update – This is a visual checklist of how to review whether you’re prepared for this month’s Google’s mobile algorithm update. The upcoming D-day is April 21. Are you ready?

9 EMAIL MARKETING WINS THAT TAKE LESS THAN AN HOUR – Optimizing your entire email-marketing process can take a ton of time. Since it’s rare to feel like you have a week to get everything perfect, you’ll find here a list of changes that will result in quick wins, but not take more than about 30 minutes each. If you pick 3 of these and implement them over the next week you’ll have significantly improved your marketing processes.

Ecommerce Holiday Trends [2015 Benchmark Report Series] – In this report, you’ll take a closer look at the traditional assumptions around the importance of the holiday season. While it’s true the holidays are important for many retailers, there are several key nuances to this storyline, and some surprises about how the impact of the holiday season has changed over time.