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9 Twitter Hacks That You’re Perhaps Not Using (But Should!)

Explore here: 1) A series of Twitter hacks you should implement now to boost your Twitter account further, 2) Some lessons learned by a marketer growing a blog in an unsexy niche, 3) How emails are evolving, and what you need to do to adapt, and 4) 6 Google Analytics SEO hacks to increase your search traffic.

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9 Awesome Twitter Hacks that You’re TOTALLY Not Using (But Should!) – 288 million users every month, 500 million tweets every day, Twitter is rocking the social landscape. But are you rocking on Twitter? Not really? There is so much you can do today to leverage the power of Twitter for your business. So where do you begin? Find here nine Twitter tricks that you’ve probably never heard of. Start using them as soon as possible.

8 Lessons I’ve Learned from Growing a Non-Sexy Niche Blog to 1200 Visitors/Day – Although this principles may sound familiar to many, they are a good reminder of what you need to be doing to boost your blog and business.

How Emails Are Evolving into Mailable Microsites – The emails of the future will be much more like sending subscribers a microsite than a static message. Watching videos, browsing product assortments, and even making product purchases will also be possible without leaving the inbox. This is an opportunity marketers should embrace.

6 Google Analytics SEO Hacks To Increase Your Search Traffic – If you think that Google Analytics (GA) has no value to your SEO efforts because it hides your precious keyword data, you’re definitely wrong. Click above, and find six GA tips for SEOs that save time, money, and drive awesome insights.