Accounts are now limited by the number of overview lookups they can perform

Free and paid account owners are now limited by the number of domain overview lookups they can perform each month.

Free users will be able to look up 50 domains each month.  This limit can be increased by referring more friends (5 extra look ups a month per friend) or by upgrading to a paid account (500 – 5,000 extra lookups a month). Your quota will only be deducted from when you look up unique domains.  If you performed several lookups on the same domain, you’d only be deducted once for it.

Screenshot 2015-06-23 18.20.22

If you have a shared portfolio, whichever member that is currently using your portfolio, when they perform overview lookups, your quota will be deducted from.  If you’re a business, sign up for a paid account to share the upgraded account benefits with everyone on the team. You can invite an unlimited number of co-workers.

Notice to Firefox users: You may be the first to run out of quota because our Firefox sidebar extension stays open while you navigate the web, this will deduct a lot of overview quotas.  If you accidentally run out because you didn’t know we were limiting the overview quota, please contact us, we can reset it, we already know which accounts may have this issue.

Your monthly quota resets on the day of the month you signed up or upgraded to a paid account.  To check your quota, view our usage widget — which can be found at the bottom of the left side bar once you’re logged into our application.  This shows the portfolio owner’s usage.  A user may have several portfolios, the usage is shared among all of them.  If you’re a member of another user’s portfolio, when you view the portfolio’s usage, you’ll be viewing their account usage.