New! Our Reports are now Publicly Accessible and Shareable!

Whether you’re logged in or not, anyone can now publicly view our site overview reports. Previously, you had to be logged in to view these reports and when you wanted to share them, they could only be shared with other registered users. Now, anyone can view any of our overview reports. They’re also super easy to share!

Public Report URLs

You can now link to any of our site overviews by using the following url address structure,{domain_name}. Replace {domain_name} with your own. Here are a few examples.

You may notice that when use the links above, you’ll actually be forwarded to our app with a slightly different url structure. You may also copy this end destination URL for the report you’re viewing on and share that, however, we highly recommend using the link structure above.  It’s much cleaner and we’ll always support them. When you share a report, we’ll provide you with these cleaner links so you don’t have to ever think about it.

Sharing Reports

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 00.07.58

new share button

We’ve made it easy to share our reports.  While you’re on any screen, click on the our new share button, located in the top-right corner of every screen. A share modal will pop up which will allow you to copy the URL address for the public report, share it directly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or send an email to your friend.  See our animated GIF below.


Long time Follow users might remember that our old share button simply brought up your referral link and information about our referral program. The new share button brings up a different modal, it allows you to share the actual page you’re viewing.  This is how a share button should work.

If you’re wondering how you now refer friends and still get credit for it, keep reading.

Earn Free Upgrades & Money By Referring Others

If you’re logged into Follow and share a report, your referral tracking code will automatically be added to the report URLs you share. 

While logged in, when you click on the share button you’ll see the query parameter “ref” added to the end of the url.  It’ll look something like this –{user_id}.  If you do not wish to have your referral code included or shown when you share a report, you can simply remove ?ref={user_id} from the url, like this –

We’ve made our referral process as simple as possible. You don’t have to think about it.  When you share a report, if you’re logged in, we’ll automatically append your referral tracking id to it. You’ll automatically get credit if someone signs up after viewing a public report you shared.  For example, if you’re writing about a domain on your blog and want to share a link with all of your readers, any of your viewers who view our public reports and sign up, you’ll get credit for them. 

For those who wish to see our old refer a friend screen, it still exists.  You can access that by going to: User Settings > Refer a Friend.  The Refer a Friend screen will also show you detailed information about your referrals & rewards.

Search Directly from our Homepage

You can now also search for a domain directly from our homepage.  Want to share a report with a friend but don’t have access to your computer? Just tell them to visit our homepage, and perform a search directly from the website.

Overview Lookup Limit

Users who access our public reports will be limited by the number of lookups they can perform. To perform more lookups, you can sign up for a free account which will allow you to perform more lookups or upgrade to a paid account to get even more.

Use Follow for your Quick, High Level Site Overviews

We want to be your go to source for looking up high level competitive intelligence website data! If you’re writing a blog post about a domain and want to share competitive intelligence data with your readers, give them more information by sharing a link to our public reports!  If you’re creating an online advertising campaign with your team, show your team members what ad creatives are working for your competitors by sharing our reports with them. Thinking about starting a new company with your friends? View reports on other companies in your industry of interest and share them with your future co-founders.

If you want a quick snapshot of how a domain engages and acquires their users online, use Follow! If you want to go deep into any specific vertical like; SEO, SEM, Display Advertising or any other vertical, we recommend signing up with our partners who specialize in those specific datasets.

View & Share our Public Reports now!

Our public reports are now available. See them at and start sharing them with your friends today!