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Gal Perelman is the Content Marketing Manager at AdClarity, the leading Marketing Intelligence tool for anyone in the online advertising industry. She loves learning and is constantly challenging herself to master new topics in all ranges in her industry. She will master the entire process of ad exchanges and programmatic buying one day! She loves dogs, especially boxers, hates snow, loves to read, and is obsessed with Law & Order.

Marketing intelligence integration part 2 and 3.

The Integration of Marketing Intelligence Tools: Part 2 and 3

Ok. So we realized that our standards are high and we’re not going to settle for just any insights. We want meaningful insights in order to maximize our results and create the best digital campaign possible. And we’re going to do this by utilizing the best marketing intelligence tools in the market. However, we’re not going to just utilize them — we are going to exhaust them of their resources and gain everything we can from them.

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Marketing intelligence integration part 1.

The Integration of Marketing Intelligence Tools: Part 1

In today’s world, information and data is more readily available than ever before. The problem with all of this information, or big data, is that it is meaningless unless you have a way of discerning it in a practical manner. This becomes especially tricky when this abundance of data creates expectations for data driven ROI (Return On Investment).

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