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Want to save 20% off any plan? We’ve extended the discount for one more day.

downloadYesterday was the last day to use the 20% discount code. However, we received several emails from users saying they didn’t see the email until today. In order to accomodate everyone we can, we’re going to extend the 20% discount for one more day.

The 20% discount code “beta” will expire tonight.

If you want this discount, you must sign up for our paid service today. If you missed yesterday’s email, now is your last chance to save 20% on any of our plans.

Upgrade to Follow Pro now for just $15/month with this coupon code!

Click on the “Upgrade Now!” link to go to our payment page. Apply the coupon code “beta” to get your 20% discount. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your discount.

Upgrade Now!

PS: If you have any questions about our paid plans, simply reply back to this email with your questions or talk to us on our live customer support chat.

PSS: If the “Upgrade Now!” link doesn’t work, click here:

Getting your team on Follow

Want to share Follow with your team?

Simply share one of your portfolios with them.   Anyone who joins your portfolio has access to the same information you do.  If you follow a new site, they’ll also follow it and vice-versa.   Every user in the portfolio will receive news feed notifications about the sites followed in it.  Best of all…

If you upgrade to Follow Pro, your team will share the paid benefits!

If you are a paying user, anyone who joins your portfolio will have access to the same paid benefits that you have.  This allows a company owner to pay for an account, start a portfolio and share it with the rest of the team.  Each individual employee does not have to separately purchase a Follow subscription.  As long as the portfolio account owner is a paid subscriber, everyone who joins that Portfolio will have the benefits.

How do you share a portfolio?


Simply click on the cog icon, located by your portfolio’s name.  A drop down menu will appear.  From this menu, click on the “Invite & Manage Users.”   You will now be able to type in the email addresses of anyone on your team.  Once you send the invitation, they’ll receive an email.  After they accept the invitation they’ll have access to your portfolio.

It’s that simple!

Want to share a portfolio now?  Simply login to follow now and follow the instructions above.

Still confused at how it works? 

Watch our video, “Getting your team on Follow.”  We’ll walk you through it.

We’ve started charging, we have a huge price change and a limited time discount code

We have some exciting news!

Today we’re going to start charging for Follow. You may be asking, what’s so exciting about that? Well, after talking with a lot of people. We’ve decided to change our pricing plans in a big way.

We believe the power of entrepreneurship can solve a lot of the world’s problems. Although we provide competitive intelligence software, what we really do is help entrepreneurs succeed online. Our mission isn’t just to help you follow what your competition does online, our mission is to inspire & help entrepreneurs change the world.

We really mean that and today, our announcement will reflect these values.

We want to make Follow accessible to everyone, not just the biggest and most successful companies. We want to help all of the small businesses; startups and those people working out of their homes succeed because in order to solve the world’s problems, it’s going to take us all.

We want to support new ideas that can help change the world. If anyone comes up with an idea that can help others, we want to support it. We believe a lot of the world’s problems will be solved by people taking bold new initiatives. That’s why it’s important for us to support small businesses; these are going to be the people who take them.

That’s why we decided to change our pricing plans. We believe that everyone should have access to information that’ll help their company grow. We believe that everyone should be able to start using Follow without a ton of overhead, and grow with us, not at their expense.

So here’s what we did:

We changed our starting price point from $50 to $19 a month!

That’s more than half the amount off our previous price. We believe that this price point will allow even the smallest of companies or individuals to access everything Follow provides. This isn’t a marketing trick, we were really going to charge that much before but we decided to change it last moment.

Now, for just $19 a month, you’ll be able to access to 100% of our data, follow 25 domains and read 2,000 news feed stories each month. If you need more than that, we’ll offer bigger plans starting at $49 and $99 a month. With these plans, you’ll be able to follow up to 500 domains and read up to 100,000 news feed stories each month.

So now you can now start small with Follow and as you grow, we’ll continue to provide you bigger plans that’ll fit your needs.

What happens now?

Starting today, our paid plans will go into effect. As mentioned in our previous emails, our current free plans will become slightly more restricted. However, even if you decide not to pay us, you’ll still have a great free experience using Follow, but of course, our paid users will always have the best we can provide.

Sign up now & get 20% off!

Here’s the coupon code we promised you in the other emails. This coupon code will allow you to save 20% off any of our plans. Please note, this coupon code will only be valid for 7 days; it will expire on Monday, Dec 1st.

The coupon code is: “beta”.

If $19 a month isn’t cheap enough for you already, with this coupon code you can save even more. With this coupon code applied, the price drops down to just $15 a month. I’m almost shocked at writing about how cheap it is; it can’t get any cheaper than that. I really hope you’ll take advantage of this offer.

Sign up now and get your limited time discount!

So if you’ve received some value from Follow, please support us by becoming a paid member. For as little as $15 a month, you can become a paid user of Follow and continue receiving all of the benefits you’ve started to fall in love with.

Simply click the link below & follow the instructions to get started:

PS: Remember to use your coupon code “beta”, to get your 20% discount.

PSS: The coupon link expires soon. Sign up today to receive your 20% discount. It won’t come around again.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about Follow charging this week

We are about to start charging for Follow.  This email will describe what the difference between our new free and paid plans will be.   It also includes information about a special discount code we’ll be giving out to everyone shortly.

What’s the difference between our free and paid plans?

Those who choose not to pay will still have an amazing experience using Follow.  We want both our paid and free users to be able to use our software.   Free users will still have access to our dashboard and browser extensions.  The difference between our paid and free users will be; the amount of data they can see, the number of domains they can follow and the number of news feed stories they can read each month.

1 – Free users will have access to less data; paid will users have access to it all:

When a free user loads up a report on a site, they will only to be able to see up to 80% of the data.  A paid user will be able to see all of the data.  For example, if we’re able to show the top 10 keywords for a site, a free user will only be able to see up to 8 of them.  A paid user would be able to see all 10 of the keywords.

2- Paid users will be able to follow more domains:

Free users will only be able to follow up to 20 domains.  Paid users will be able to follow a lot more based on their plan.

3 – Paid users will be able to read more news feed stories:

Free users will only be able to read up to 950 news feed stories each month.  Paid users will be able to read a lot more based on their plan.

How much will our paid plans cost?

We love helping small & medium size businesses grow, so our price point reflects that.  Our paid plans will start at $50 a month and go upwards.   You’ll be able to choose from either a monthly or discounted yearly plan.   If you sign up for a year, you’ll receive 2 months for free

Do beta users receive a discount?

Yes.  We will be sending out a coupon code when we launch our paid plans.  You will be able to receive a 20% discount on any plan you purchase.  This coupon code will only be valid for 7 days after we announce our paid plans.  So if you want to the discount, you’ll need to sign up quickly.  After the 7 days, we won’t have any more discounted plans.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes.   All beta users, users who’ve signed before we start charging, will receive free upgrades.  These free upgrades will allow you to see more data, follow more domains and read more stories.   So it’s actually better if anyone you know signs up through your referral link now, as opposed to later.

Every time you refer a friend, both you and your friend will receive free upgrades.  If your friend upgrades to a paid account, we will also be giving you a 20% reoccurring commission on every sale.

What should I do now?

Start checking your email.  The next email you’ll receive from us will be about us charging.  We’ll be including the coupon code that’ll allow you to save 20% on any of our paid plans.  It’ll only be valid for the first 7 days.

Finally, if you know of any friends or co-workers that would benefit from Follow, please refer them.  Both you and they will receive benefits if they sign up through your referral link.

You can grab all of your referral information by going here:

We’re getting ready to charge

We’re getting ready to charge:

It’s been over a year since we started working on Follow. During this time we’ve offered it completely free to our users. All successful companies need revenue & capital to grow; Follow is no different. Next week we are going to start charging for some of our services. Don’t worry; if you are a startup without much cash, we’ll still always have a free service, too.

Next week, we will have more details about the exact paid plans. For now, I want to tell you about the benefits you’ll receive for all of the friends you’ve referred in the past, or might refer in the future.

Both you and the person you’ve referred will be able to:

  • See more data about any website
  • Follow more domains that interest you
  • Read more stories about the sites you’ve followed

Because both you and the person you refer get benefits, it’s better for your friend to sign up through your link than directly on our website.

If any of your referrals upgrade to a paid account:

  • You’ll receive a 20% reoccurring commission on every sale

Finally, all of beta testers (which includes you):

  • We’ll be giving you free upgrades just for being a part of Follow and making it what it is today. If any of your friends sign up now before we launch our paid plans, we’ll also give them these free benefits. This is just one of our many ways of saying thank you.

Please share Follow!

If you’ve received value from Follow, please share it with your friends and co-workers. We’re going to be giving both you and your friends free upgrades. If any of your friends sign up for a paid plan we’re going to pay you a life-time 20% referral commission on every sale!

You can grab all of your referral information by going here:

Mexico, Colombia & Brazil Meetups

It’s been an amazing experience building a startup while traveling around the world.

But the best part about traveling hasn’t been the places we’ve gone to, it’s been meeting and learning from the people who live there.  The funnest for me has been meeting up with our customers and other entrepreneurs from around the world.  It’s been incredibly insightful to learn of the challenges and abundant opportunities that these entrepreneurs have.  

We are now in month 5 of our 14 month trip around the world.  So far we’ve been able to meet up with our customers & entrepreneurs in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.  We have a lot more countries to go to and we’re looking forward to meeting everyone.  Thanks for all of those who’ve came out so far, you’ve made our trip special.

Here are a few pictures from our favorite moments with everyone:

Mexico City, Mexico:



Medellin, Colombia



Cartagena, Colombia



Rio De Janeiro, Brazil








Florianopolis, Brazil




Our next meet up will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil, after that we’ll be in Argentina, Lima in January.  If you would like to meet up with us please reach out to us!

PS: We live in an amazing time.  Through the power of the internet anyone can work from anywhere in the world.  I encourage every entrepreneur to travel, explore and meet others around the world.  If you have any questions about how we’ve done if, feel free to ask me!